Prabin & AiKim

My very first time attending such a special wedding event which I call it the double “C” Wedding.
What is double “C”? It is the married between a Ceylonese and a Chinese. The wedding flow is very special to me, there is lots of important section whereby there is a step of breaking coconut together with the prayers. Both of us (photographer) need to be alert at all time in all this detail which happen at the same time. We feel glad that we able to handle ever single thing on the day. The most special things about Ceylonese wedding is the bride’s head will be cover by a white veil just like our Chinese wedding. The colourful environment plus the colourful clothes and add up this white veil. It matching was so special and nice.

Is a very memorable wedding ceremony that I’ve witnessed. Congrats to Prabin & Aikim and thanks a lot for the accommodation and the arrangement in KL.

Temple: Sri Raja Rajeswari Temple, Klang
Reception: Bankers Club, KL

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