Paviter & Barbara

My very first time having a Punjabi’s friend, Jasmene which intro by Andrea. Jasmene in charge for the whole wedding event of her brother Paviter.
This will be first time attending Punjabi’s wedding. The event is so special to me. Paviter who is a Malaysia married the bride Barbara from NewYork.

First, they will having a Dinner and Dance session which call it Sangeet Night. Friends and relatives are being invite into their house with food and kuih serve. A very cute ceremony happen there which is two ladies (one act as a guy another one as a girl), follow by an aunty who carry a vase. That section is very happening, I not really understand the flow but as I can see that everyone is so enjoy there. Everyone enjoy dancing with the superb music. Nice one

The second event happen at the next day which is Mehndi. Henna Tattoo artist comes to his house to proceed with the tattoo. First time seeing live tattoo and was thinking that “why the tatto seems like putting cream on it, will it nice?”. After few hours, I come back to Paviter house. Look at the tattoo on Barbara hands. Gorgeous, very nice. After everything’s done, they proceed with Bangle wearing ceremony. Cousin by groom’s side wears a lot of bangle to brides. Very nice bangle.

The third one will be wedding dinner which falls on the Christmas Eve. The dinner held in Etoile Bistro, Equotorial Penang. Before the dinner end, there is a Dinner and Dance session again. Everyone are very happy and enjoying dancing. This will be a very special Christmas Eve that I’ve pass through. Hahaha.

Congratulations to Pavi and Bobi. Special thanks Andrea who recommend me and also Jasmene who helps to arrange everything to us. Thanks