Kesva & Shanji

Jasmine flower playing a very important role in the traditional Hindu wedding. This beautiful flower itself symbolizes the purity and elegance. For Indian wedding, the white colour Jasmine has been widely use for the hall decoration, bride’s accessory and also the most important garland of the day. This beautiful flower signify the sumptuous and proximity between the couple.

Kesva and Shanji wedding are having a very grand yet meaningful Jasmine flower decoration aisle along the entire hall. Is glad for us to witness such a special and beautiful wedding.

Thanks again to Kesva & Shanji for giving us the trust and getting us all the way to KL for covering your wedding ceremony.
Not forget to thanks to the super coorperative cinematographer team, Digimax Video Productions.

Wedding venue    : Wisma Peladang, Thotta Mahligai, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Cinematographer: Digimax Video Productions

Photographer: Moooks Photography