JennySun Workshop

Is JennySun !! Very glad to have the chance to meet Jenny in real life. JennySun Photography is one of my favourite photographer. Her shots always bring up the feel of love. I used to check out her beautiful artwork from the beginning of photography till today. Thanks Jenny that having a workshop in Malaysia which make us easier to attend it.

The workshop is held in a beautiful place call RUANG that located in Subang and this beautiful place was lighten up by Tie The Knot. That is a 2 days workshop, start from the introductions, skill sharing and having an outing to hands on. Jenny’s has invite 3 couples (Jennysun’s client) for the outdoor practical session. She purposely invite the real couples rather than a professional model is because she want us to experience working with the real couples. Let us communicate with couples on the needs and our needs. We being separate into 3 groups and time given for photo shooting with the couples. Three of Jennysun’s team photographer Daren, Joshua & KahWoon assisting us for the shooting. Many thanks to them for the friendly guidance and advise. Special thanks to the couple Vivien & Sean, Aili & Arif for the patient given to each of us to capture the beautiful picture.  After the outing, we went back RUANG and follow by dismiss for the first day. Everyone being assign to select 15 best photo of ourself for the next day sharing.

At the second day of the workshop, Jenny patiently go through all of our photos and give valuable comments for us. Other than photo comment sharing, we share about our dreams, point of view in photography and etc. Lots of quotes being shared and the one that I remember the most will be:
“Small things become great, when done with love”

This is my first time attending 2 full days workshop. The days seems short due to many inputs being learn. Very glad to experience this informatics and inspiring workshop. At the same time, I’m glad to meet all the photographers around Malaysia who attend the workshop. Especially the two new friends, Michael from Penang and King all the way from HongKong

Enough for the words, lets start with picture

MOK_6203ErrMOK_6231ErrMOK_6210ErrMOK_6209ErrMOK_6208ErrMOK_6196ErrMOK_6215ErrBeautiful gift pack by JennySunMOK_6832Er CombinerMOK_6828Err

Let’s take a we-fie !

MOK_6243ErrMOK_6250ErrMOK_6381ErrMOK_6293EEr CombinerMOK_6406ErrMOK_6537ErrMOK_6582ErrMOK_6439ErrMOK_6591ErrMOK_6546Er CombinerMOK_6472ErrMOK_6647ErrMOK_6759EEr Combine New 800MOK_6723ErrMOK_6772Err

Jenny in action

MOK_6807-2Er800IMG_8342E doneEr800


Hope to see you guys again !!